To engrave on glass, Michael uses a fixed tip to cut grooves into the surface which means that designs can be quite detailed and unique. Engraving on glass also means your personalization is permanent, will never wash, chip, or wear off. This process is ideal for a variety of glassware trinkets and gifts, including wine and perfume bottles.


The principal advantage of engraving on metal goods is that the details are cut directly into the surface of the material, the result of which is personalization that is permanent and cannot be defaced. The durability of engraved metal customization is it's the biggest benefit, as the process has been used for many years with fine examples of work in some cases hundreds of years old. Metal engraving is also a quick process which allows for speedy completion of your special memento.


A key advantage to wood engraving is that the detailing can be small which gives the benefit of being easy to print without the need for heavy-duty, remote machinery. Once engraved, your personalized wood plaque or gift will maintain its initial lustre and presentation. Wood engraving is particularly autonomous which allows Michael to set-up his "studio" quickly and easily at any event.

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