Teaching Practice

I have found teaching to be one of the most rewarding activities I could have imagined.

My instruction is based on the traditional techniques I use in approaching painting and drawing and focus on fundamental skill and creative practice. My goal in teaching is to help each artist understand what they want to make and how to make that work to a quality that is both of a professional level as well as personally rewarding.

My personal work is often very different than that of the artists I work with. I do teach the techniques that I employ, but I also understand that every artist needs to find their own voice in their work and am able to work with a very broad range of styles and approaches. I have a natural interest in art and have spent several years exploring diverse practices and looks.

In painting my approach is based on the Venetian School. I start each student off with this stepped approach to give an understanding to the need to have a system as well as learn how to use a variety of paint weights and layering. As a student advances, we work on discovering the look and style they want to achieve, how to achieve it, and how if fits into creating gallery level work.

In drawing, I have developed a program built on fundamental skills which begin with very basic and repetitive exercises. The repetition in the beginning kickstarts basic hand eye coordination and helps develop a critical eye regarding if you are hitting the target intended.

With many artists I also work on their creative approach, dealing with understanding their interests and how their work can advance to be ready to show professionally.