• Huff Post Mention

    Huff Post Mention


    Just a mention and an odd but cool description

    Disclaimer: this only counts for 1 minute of my 15

  • Events and Shows

    Events and Shows


    January- LA Art Show with Leon Gallery,
    January 27 to 31, LA Convention Center

    Januay- Anamalia, Abend Gallery, Denver CO. January 29th opening

    February- Artopia sponsored by Westword,
    February 20 at City Hall, Broadway and 12th

    March- Dog & Pony Show, Outnumbered Gallery
    Littleton, CO, look for updated info

    March- Month of Print, not sure what Im going to do with this, but keep posted

    April- Ive got nothing

    May- Contemporary Still Life- Details Pending, Point Gallery, Denver, CO

    June- Up in the air, ASLD Summer Art Market or Art SanDiego

    July- Art on the Rockies, Edwards CO (near Vail)

    August- Uptown Art, Minneapolis MN. Right next to the Walker Art Center, one of my favorite museums

    September- Rotterdam International Art Fair, Rotterdam, Netherland

    September- Tuscan Artists Workshop, Still developing but planing to take 12 or so artists for a focused 10 day workshop making art and looking at renaissance work

    October- Sleep

    November- SacramentoArt Expo pending

    December- Art Base Miami. Not sure how I'm getting this done, but I am.

    I don't quite think thats everything, G44 is in there somewhere, colab show. And a few other offerings pending

    August- Uptown Art, Minneapolis MN
    Chosen One, solo exhibition, G44, Colorado Springs, CO
    October- Buffalo Benefit, Space Gallery, Denver, CO
    November- Solo Exhibition, Point Gallery, Denver, CO

  • RESUME (quite abridged but most of the good stuff)

    765 Santa Fe Dr.
    Denver, CO 80204

    2015 Chosen One, G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO
    Pending, Point Gallery, Denver, CO
    2014 Happy is a dirty word, Point Gallery, Denver, CO
    New Works, G44 Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO
    2013 'You already know how this will end' G44, Colo Springs, CO
    2012 'Cake & Pretty Horses' K Sarri Gallery & Abend Gallery
    Half Moon, Denver, CO ( With JDPA)
    2011 K Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO
    2010 Sellers Project Space, Denver, CO
    2008 Jung Gallery, Denver, CO
    K Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO
    2005 Heard, Walker Fine Art, Denver, CO
    2002 Michael Dowling New Works, Fresh Art Gallery, Denver, CO

    2015 Something Borrowed, Point Gallery, Denver CO
    McCrae Litt Fine Art, Vail, CO
    2014 The Residency, Mcnichols Art Building, Denver, CO
    2011 National Figures, William Scott Gallery, Boston, MA
    The Birds & Bees, LinkSoul Lab, San Diego, CA
    2008 Character Sketches, Loveland Art Museum, Loveland, CO
    2007 Perlow- Stevens Gallery, Columbia, MO
    2006 ArtEdu, Viva Cultural Center, Sebastopol, CA
    2005 Biennial XI, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA
    2004 21 under 31, Art Link Steamboat/Southwest Art, Steamboat, CO
    Character Sketches, Fresh Art Gallery, Denver, CO
    2003 Colorado Art Expo, Denver, CO
    Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, New Art Jam, Denver, CO
    2002 Small Works, Small Works Gallery, Florence, Italy
    2001 Creme de l’Auraria, Emanuel Gallery, Denver, CO
    Cultural Center International, Florence, Italy

    Rocky Mountain News, April, 2004
    Southwest Art Magazine, 21 under 31, 2003
    Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, 2008, 2010 (cover)
    Modern In Denver 2015
    Luxe Magazine 2015

    Sacks Fifth Avenue, Palm Desert, CA & New York, NY
    Gucci, Florence, Italy

    Instutito de Arte,Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, Florence, Italy
    Studio Art, Contemporary Art History and Theory, 2002

    Artist in residence, La Cipressaia, Montagnana, Italy, advanced studies with Claire Gavronsky & Rose Shakinovsky 2001, 2002, 2004